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Castle Brewery

Restormel Gold

Restormel Gold

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4.1% ABV - Cornish Session IPA

500ml Bottle

Restormel Castle, atop a gentle hill, echoes with history's whispers. Once a stronghold of knights and kings, now a silent sentinel of the past. Moss-covered stones hold tales of battles won and lost, while the winds carry echoes of long-lost laughter. A timeless guardian, gazing over the picturesque Cornish landscape.

A rich golden coloured, dry hopped Pale Ale. UK Cascade and US Amarillo hops combine to display aromas of grapefruit and lemon with a subtle orange finish.

Food Pairing
This beers refreshing citrus notes harmonise with grilled seafood, tangy citrus salads, and spicy Thai dishes.

Vegan friendly

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