Founded in 2007, Castle Brewery has established itself as an award-winning Cornish Microbrewery based on the banks of the River Fowey in Lostwithiel. All our beers are unfined, unfiltered and 100% natural. Using the finest ingredients we craft beers that are elegant, well balanced and full of vibrancy.

Our core range of beers, The Classics, are dedicated to the Traditional British Ale styles much loved throughout Cornwall and the UK. Milds, Bitters, Golden Ales and Stouts, these classic beer styles are the staples of many a British pub and are a staple of our brewery. Our small batch production and craft focused approach ensures our full attention and dedication is poured into every drop of Castle Brewery beer.

The newest range of beer, The Kegin Range, is a modern approach to traditional European styles producing a variety of Farmhouse, Sour and experimental beer styles made with the same commitment to high-quality artisanal beers established by Castle Brewery. The name Kegin, Cornish for “kitchen”, reflects the beginnings of the newest head brewer at Castle Brewery. The base recipes for the Kegin Range were developed in his home kitchen, focusing on the pairing of food with beer.