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Castle Brewery

Nearly Home

Nearly Home

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6.1% ABV - Wild Red Ale

375ml Bottle

Named after the infamous trees marking the gateway to Cornwall, this wild red ale has notes of raisin and stone fruits underpinned by a balanced sourness and light umami flavours.

Fermented using a wild culture of yeast and bacteria propagated from the bark of the Nearly Home Trees and barrel aged for 7 months.

Part of the Castle Brewery Native Series brewed in collaboration with Driftwood Spars Brewery.

The Native Series
The Native Series is a range of wild fermented beers created by Castle Brewery showcasing the flavours of locally foraged wild yeast to produce a unique flavour of Cornwall.

Food Pairing
The perfect replacement for wine at the dinner table. Perfect alongside succulent lamb skewers, marinated in aromatic spices and grilled to perfection. The umami undertones of the beer enhance the natural richness of the lamb, while its delicate sourness cuts through the fat, leaving your palate refreshed and ready for the next bite.

*Gluten Free
Produced using grains containing gluten. Independently Gluten tested to below 20ppm

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