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Castle Brewery



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6.8% ABV - Wild Golden Ale

375ml Bottle

A sour wild golden ale fermented using a mixed culture foraged from Cornish moorland gorse flowers. Barrel aged for 10 months to develop a complex dry flavour with fruity lactic sourness. A single barrel, unblended beer with a limited run of 532 bottles.

The Native Series
The Native Series is a range of wild fermented beers created by Castle Brewery showcasing the flavours of locally foraged wild yeast to produce a unique flavour of Cornwall.

Food Pairing
Great with a extra mature Cheddar or funky stilton. This beers lively acidity cuts through the creaminess of a mature Cheddar, enhancing its sharpness and bringing out the complexity of its aged flavors. Simultaneously, the tart notes of the ale beautifully complement the bold and earthy profile of Stilton, creating a delightful contrast that dances on your palate.

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