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12x Mixed Cans

12x Mixed Cans

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A mix of 4 each of our cans, Aramoana, Atlantic Coast and Vienna.


4.8% ABV - New Zealand Pale Ale
440ml Can

Easy drinking Pale Ale brewed in Cornwall. A refreshing fusion of Kiwi hops and Cornish craftsmanship delivering a taste of adventure in every sip. With flavours of lime and stone fruits.


Atlantic Coast
6.2% ABV - West Coast IPA
440ml Can

With a classic West Coast bitterness this IPA combines UK Chinook & Cascade hops with US Ekuanot & HBC 368 hops to create a transatlantic fusion of flavours. With flavours of orange, berries and a light herbal character, this is the perfect garden beer.


5.6% ABV - Rustic Farmhouse Lager
440ml can

A Vienna Lager with a rustic farmhouse twist. Rich and malty with spicy and citrus notes underpinned by subtle peppery fruitiness.

Brewed using a classic Vienna Lager grist made up largely of Vienna Malt and hopped with Hallertau Mittelfruh. The addition of Styrian Bobek hops provides subtle earthy and spicy notes.

Fermented at cold lager fermentation temperatures with a combination of German Lager yeast and an ester forward French diastatic ale strain. This combination produces a crisp finish with an ester forward yeast profile balanced by colder fermentation temperatures and addition of lager yeast.

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