Castle Brewery was founded in 2007 by Andy White originally, of Keltek Brewery following the development of a ‘Castle Beers’ range. The brewery was situated in the same unit that we currently occupy but things have changed considerably since then!

In 2012 Castle Brewery was taken over by Theo Corfield. Theo continued to brew the original range of beers developed by Andy, adding a number of his own recipes to the range and tweaking the original recipes with great local success.

In 2022, Castle Brewery was taken over by Simon Court. Simon has continued the legacy of Castle Brewery, reinventing the original range of beers and modernising their delivery to great success. Alongside the range of cask style beers, a new range of European and New World style beers have been introduced to the brewery elevating the status of the brewery and placing it firmly on the map of Cornwall craft breweries.

At the 2023 SIBA (Society of Independent Brewers) National Beer Awards Castle Brewery took home the Gold Medal for its newly created Belgian Style Saison. This huge achievement has fuelled our ambition to continue crafting exceptional ales, pushing the boundaries of traditional style beers to new levels.

Shortly after the 2022 takeover a barrel aging program was introduced to the brewery. The Native Series is a celebration of the unique flavour of Cornwall, utilising native wild yeast and bacteria captured locally to ferment beers that undergo extended aging in oak ex-wine barrels. Taking inspiration from our stunning landscape these beers are designed to express the terroir in which they were created.

The journey of our small brewery is just beginning, so please join us on this huge adventure and follow our progress