Andy White, co-founder of Keltek Brewery, founded Castle Brewery in 2007 following the development of a ‘Castle Beers’ range at Keltek Brewery. The brewery was situated in the same unit that we currently occupy but things have changed considerably since then. Over the next five years Andy developed a range of traditional British ales, some of which we still brew today!

In 2012 Castle Brewery was taken over by Theo Corfield. Theo, a keen homebrewer, continued to brew the original range of beers developed by Andy, adding a number of his own recipes to the range and tweaking the original recipes with great success winning numerous awards. In 2016 Castle Brewery’s traditional Mild Ale (Moat Mild) won Silver in the cask category of the SIBA regional awards followed by Gold in the bottled category in 2018.

The original brewhouse was upgraded in 2017 to the German designed Speidel Braumeister, an advanced “all-in-one” brewhouse, the same system we use today to create the highest quality beers. The system provides us with greater control over the mashing, boiling and cooling of the wort (the unfermented, sugary liquid which yeast transforms into beer) when compared to a more traditional brewhouse ensuring we produce a consistently high quality beer.

Throughout 2021 and 2022 Castle Brewery continued its award-winning successes being awarded Gold, Silver and Bronze in the bottled categories of the SIBA regional awards with Golden Gauntlet, Restormel Gold and Cornish Stuggy Stout respectively. This was followed by further Gold, Silver and Bronze for three of our cask ales at the SIBA Maltingsfest in Newton Abbot.

In 2022, Castle Brewery was taken over by Simon Court, an award-winning homebrewer and member of the Institute of Brewing and Distilling (IBD). Simon continues the legacy and much loved original range of Castle Brewery beers whilst supplementing this with his own new range of modern and exciting beers.

2022 will mark the launch of a new range to Castle Brewery, the Kegin Range. Using his experience from years of brewing and knowledge gained through ongoing brewing science studies, Simon has begun to craft a range of modern farmhouse, sour and experimental beers based on traditional European styles.